Every meal requires specific ingredients to deliver exquisite taste and result. Without certain ingredients, you would never be able to achieve the result you are looking forward to. For example, imagine toast without bread or fried rice without curry, you can tell that the result will not be the same without these major ingredients.

In the same light, every business has a vision, mission, and goals that they set to achieve. Therefore, it is essential that these businesses have the right talents onboard to enable them achieve success. One of the most important steps to take as an organisation, is understanding how to attract the right pieces that fit perfectly into your large puzzle, and how to make sure they stick.

The big question is, “how do you attract the right talent to your organization?”

Before you embark on a journey to hire new intakes, you need to identify the most important skills and values for your company; then fill positions around those needs instead of just hiring one employee to replace another. Candidates have a better time assessing their fit into your organisation when you are clear with your brand and values from the onset, and employees feel more engaged and thrive better when their values are aligned with those of your organisation.

An organization’s strength is mostly determined by the quality of its talent. In a competitive hiring environment, the way to attract great talent is by providing a strong organizational culture and opportunities for people to grow. The first step to take towards attracting the right talent to your organization is by positioning your organisation as a firm that understands the needs of your target job seekers.

It is the same as marking a brand to reach a target audience. Every job seeker has a need or want that they look out for in an organisation. Highly skilled job seekers position themselves for the big shots and would naturally expect these organisations to also position themselves to receive them. If you are selling short, they are not buying.

With a strong job market, employees prefer organisations with good cultures, competitive pay, and advancement opportunities. Giving employees what they need will help you to not just get but retain the top talents that you desire.

Meeting a potential hire in person is still the best way to establish a fit between them and your company. But it can be even better if you meet them before they apply for a position. They will most likely want to work with you in future, if they know the opportunity you offer in advance.

As we slowly glide into a digital age, social media has become a good place for business professionals to search and to be found. You can now use keywords like job titles on LinkedIn to find candidates with the experience and skillset you want. As a small business owner, this is one of the options you can explore because platforms such as LinkedIn helps you see more details about potential candidates and eases the recruitment process.

After you might have gotten the right fit for your organisation, the next step is to ensure that they don’t walk straight out the door! “So how do we retain talent?”

Happy employees usually stay longer in an organisation. Another thing you might want to focus on is “What you can offer”.  Many employers fail to focus on what they can offer their employees, which has caused continuous disappointments in recruitments.

Consider what you can bring to the table on the job beyond the salary; for example, offering work-life balance, trainings & development, flexibility, and so on. Now that freelancing is a new way to work especially among millennials, job seeker/employees are more likely to stay at a company where they are valued. Recognition programs, incentives and awards are also great ways to show your employees that they matter.

Interestingly, employees help you attract top talents by showing the best potential hires that they also could be happy at your business. They are your first point of marketing. Referral incentives also encourage your employees to help you attract top talent. Consider rewards like gift cards, cash bonuses or extra time off.

Creating and selling an environment that encourages the employees' voice is also another way to aid the retention of talents. This is the 21st century and people are constantly looking for what works for them. If you are not offering it, they would be looking in the next direction.

Employees are the bedrock of an organisation; hence, it is important that we get it right as employers and hire the right talents for our organisation. Employers need to play their role by creating an enabling environment as well as building an employee-focused work culture to retain these talents.

Skilled job seekers have many ways to find jobs, and often they have many employers competing for them. You can still attract and retain that top talent by building and promoting a company where employees want to work, and where they enjoy doing so.