According to the World Health Organization (WHO), older people are at higher risk of severe illness from the coronavirus.

Therefore, as we put safety measures in place, let’s consider the risk faced by our dear parents , and people with weakened immune systems due to underlying health conditions.

Here are some actions you can take to keep Mum and Dad protected:

  1. The guideline from the WHO for people aged 60 and older is to stay home as much as possible. This could be a bit isolating for them, so if they don’t live with you, please call them often, and when you call them, focus on other things they like to talk about, but please ensure you talk to them about safety. If you have kids, get them to talk to, or face time with grandma and grandpa often.  This will uplift them.
  2. Restrict the number of visitors they have. If a visitor must see them, please ensure they are screened for symptoms and that they comply with all safety precautions.
  3. Ensure they have several weeks’ worth of their medication and supplies and create a plan that makes their medication accessible, just in case. But be careful not to overstock medication, being mindful of expiry dates.
  4. Limit their number of care givers. If possible, get their caregivers accommodated with your parent, so they don’t get exposed to infection from daily commuting.
  5. Keep their surroundings clean and sanitized. Care givers must wash and sanitize their hands often, and surfaces should be wiped with disinfectants regularly, with particular attention to  frequently touched surfaces such as doo knobs, light switches, tabletops, electronics, remote controls mobile phones etc..  
  6. It’s important they don’t just sit or lie down all day. They should regularly walk in the hallways and walk around the house. They need to move and get their blood flowing for their overall health.

Please remember that our precious parents are more vulnerable. We must take the necessary precautions to keep them protected, in the same way they did for us when we were kids.

Stay safe and keep going