FCMB Business Zone introduces its new partnerships with OZÉ, Alpha Technologies and TravCP to help your business grow.

These three uniquely designed apps that can assist you in run a successful business are listed below:


OZÉ is a business intelligence tool designed to help SME’s grow their business by giving them the ability to track their sales, expenses, send digital invoices and receipts and get insights pertaining to their business in real time.

OZÉ is the SME’s business coach, right in their pocket, so they can track when money is coming in and leaving, all on the go.

OZÉ does all the calculations for the SME updating the health of the business in real-time and alerting the business owner when necessary.

Benefits of OZÉ Business Intelligence?

See business performance at a glance – track sales, expenses, profits, and cash balance on a chart

Record sales and expenses in just a few clicks

Chat with a dedicated business coach

Get reminders when payments are coming due and send a payment reminder to customers

Download business data in excel or PDF formats



Alpha Technologies

Alpha technologies offer exclusive telecommunication services to help businesses communicate cheaper and smarter.

Alpha technologies have designed a business package for MSME’s called the Alpha business solution package.

The Alpha business solution package has been curated for small and medium businesses who seek to optimize their brand credibility, significantly increase customer telephone traffic and ultimately improve business profit.

The Alpha business solution services are listed below.

  1. SMAT Number: A SMAT Number allows you brand your business phone number using an easy to remember alphanumeric number that your customers will never forget, for instance 0700-00-WAKANOW.
  2. Interactive Voice Response: The IVR is an auto-receptionist linking your customers to your various products, services and departments using your phone keypad.
  3. Integrated Voice Messaging: A voice-recorded caller tune for advertising promos and your company mandate while a customer is on-hold




TravCP is a company founded to bridge the gap in the African tourism Industry through the promotion of both known and undiscovered tourist destinations in Africa to local and international tourists.

TravCP is a global travel marketplace, connecting the world to Africa.

TravCP also offers e-learning courses and training to help build travel businesses, small business and youths in Africa.