Business Empowerment & Sustainability Training (BEST) MasterClass 2nd Edition


Enrol to watch the Business Empowerment & Sustainability Training (BEST) MasterClass Series II, themed "Leveraging Technology and Logistics to Grow Your Business" to gain knowledge on how you can meet the high demand of goods and services.

Speakers and Topics covered:

Innovating for Growth | Improving Supply Chain with Technology

By Prof. Ndubuisi Ekekwe, Founder & Chairman - FASMICRO Group


Digital Technology Solutions for SMEs | Charting the path to the next Normal

By Chika Ekeji, Associate Partner - Mckinsey & Company


Business Model Opportunities | Entrepreneurship Solutions to attract investors

By Francisca Igboa, Director - Fanny Design Enterprises


Adapting to the New Normal | Strategies SMEs must Embrace

By Olusegun Zacchaeus, Associate Director - Strategy and Economics,  KPMG Nigeria