The Proficient Business Strategist and Export Trading Consultant, Olori Ajayi holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Management at Bradford University School of Management, an MSc in Human Resource Management and has gained expertise in management roles. Over the years, she has developed high competence in business development, comprehensive insight into the dynamics of the export trade, export ecosystem development, fashion trading, innovation, community engagement, and leadership. 

She is the Founder and Chief Operating Officer at The Katie Wang Company, a growing global fashion trading company with operations in the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, and the US. The company operates as a social enterprise with expertise in the Apparel Industry and a specific focus on design and development, manufacturing, supply chain, and small scale retail business. Spearheading the construction of the first technology-based manufacturing facility in West Africa,

The Katie Wang Company is intentional about revolutionizing the fashion space in Nigeria. The company prides itself on its core vision of linking talented fashion suppliers and manufacturers from Nigeria and other parts of Africa to global opportunities that improve their lives communities, and multiple stitches at a time.  In her lead role, she designs and oversees the implementation of organisational strategy. She ensures that projects and operational practices align with international best practices while positioning the brand for global influence within the fashion space. She manages revenue generation and corporate income targets with overall business growth objectives.

Her involvement in the exportation industry has enabled her to keenly explore the Industrial Park Development within the Nigerian economic ecosystem. Before she pursued entrepreneurship and export value chain management, Olori worked as a Project Management Executive across several sectors.  Olori’s commitment to excellence and passion to advance the African economic ecosystem has been repeatedly recognised. In 2017, she was listed by SME 100 as one of the ‘Top 100 Female Entrepreneurs in Nigeria’ for her contribution to the Nigerian entrepreneurial ecosystem. In 2018, she received international recognition for her work and was nominated for the distinguished international fellowship program - the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP), which is run by the U.S State Department. She also received the ‘Distinguished Service Award’ from the IVLP Alumni Association for her excellent contributions to the Secondary Schools Mentoring Programme held in 2019. Her exemplary leadership and vision to elevate Africa’s prosperity granted her an honorary award in 2019 from the Fashion Development and Empowerment Center [AFDEC] for her vigorous contribution towards women empowerment in the Nigerian Fashion Industry. Similarly, in 2019, she was honoured by Ideation Hub Africa for influencing social change and nationbuilding in Africa at the annual Women in Development Summit. In 2020, she was recognised as a thought leader in successful leadership and mentoring programs in Lagos state public schools by the US Consulate General Public Affairs office, Lagos Nigeria.  Her keen interest in community building and mentorship has spurred her to volunteer as a mentor in diverse programmes within the WimBiz organisation and the Leading Ladies Foundation, where she serves as a facilitator and mentor for the free business workshops held frequently.   She also serves as a BSF Incubator Lead Facilitator that focuses on building competent business owners, an Eloy Foundation mentor, a prolific speaker, and trainer whose altruism for women has prompted her to facilitate diverse training for women in business, inclusive of the women at First City Monument Bank. She currently facilitates a 4-week class that quarterly teaches women in the Fashion and entrepreneurial space about structure, export readiness and opportunities available at their different levels.  

As an icon of purpose, grit, and drive, Olori Ajayi is committed to extending her platform for the development of Africa and women empowerment.