CWG Plc believes in and pursues an excellent service culture, and delivers its operations through global best practices using its ISO9001 certification process across the whole group. CWG is an ICT company that majors in Software Services, Cloud Services ,Managed Services, IT Infrastructure Services, Training Services and Payment Fintech Services. We also have the following Products, SMERP, BillsnPay, Smart Utility , UCP, Vericash, Finedge etc.

How it works

Frequently Asked Questions

SMERP stands for Small & Medium Enterprise Resource Planning. It is a solution designed for SME’s to manage their business operations efficiently

No, SMERP is a cloud based ERP solution. This means that SMERP can only be accessed via the internet.

Yes. SMERP currently has an android application which conveniently offers the exact same functionalities as the web application.

SMERP allows you to monitor your store activities from your Point Of Sale dashboard. The Dashboard shows you various statistics in different customizable views. These statistics include; Total Sales, Product alerts, Active and Closed sessions, Number of C

Simply select the ‘Sessions’ option from the sidebar, select a POS session currently In Progress and click on the ‘Validate Closing & Post Entries’ button at the top left corner to finish.